A post on progress + poem draft

Last week in class I made a second round of thermochromic bioplastics samples with higher glycerin content. I am not entirely confident they will produce usable samples as I accidentally poured them at a greater thickness than I intended which will affect the structural integrity.

I have now ordered a larger mold as I think I’m ready to progress to the next step of pouring a placemat. I have decided to use the following recipe ratios to do so:

  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 2 tsp gelatin powder
  • 1 tbsp glycerin
  • 1/8 tsp thermochromic pigment

In addition to the placement I became inspired by a book I came across in class called “Soft Shells: Porous and Deployable Architectural Screens” by Sophia Vyzoviti. Inside it discusses examples of ‘cut-stretch’ forms that are augmented with alternating rows of incisions to produce an organic malleable form. I want to explore executing these same kind of cuts in rhino and laser cutting onto a sample of my thermochromic bioplastics.

Lastly I wanted to share a draft of a poem about how touch was affected during the pandemic. Please enjoy my nonsense!

I want to hold your hand

but instead I soften my untouch

seeking out remnants of you

lost amongst my rubble.

We rebuild collectively

slowly a supple construction

as the aperture widens

but we cannot see yet

I change color and so do you.

All touch shifts

to the perennial

our hearts are open

in partial sun

an ocular baptism all the same.

Waiting for someone

to tell me to love myself

as I harvest

these shades of blue.


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