Research continued…

I have been refining my bioplastic recipes this week trying to achieve a certain level of structure in the material. I determined a suitable ratio of gelatin to glycerin and began the addition of the thermochromic pigment.

Thus far I have one thermochromic sample that was poured too thick (quarter inch as opposed to previous samples at 1/8th of an inch). I set this sample in the fridge which I think made the water conent higher/firmed it but did not ‘dry’ it so unfortunately the sample split and melted somewhat when I applied heat to demonstrate the thermochromic properties.

Since this mild disaster I have poured two other samples more thinly in their molds, with a lower glycerin content to achieve a stiffer material. Their drying time will be 3 days, unrefrigerated.

At this point the final form is still undetermined. I am torn between an abstract form that retains the beautiful light and shadow play of earlier samples and creating a dinner matt that is more in keeping with my research question.


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