prototyping bioplastics

Last week after we gave our presentations I was brain storming with some of the class about what forms my plastics could take shape, given an obstacle I have come upon for something that is both thermochromic and wearable. The obstacle being, if the item is worn and thus makes contact with the skin, it will be at a constant state of colour change and no transition will transpire.

A form I discussed with Annet and Ryan was a pillow. This was a curious item for me because it is an intimate object but I decided I wanted to dig deeper into my work about touch and think about its operative use which can be to a) discover sensation or b) to bring people closer together.

When I think about things that bring people together I reminded of food and meal sharing. Given my passion for cooking I began altering my direction with the help of Ellie and Matt. We discussed a table cloth that is thermochromic and records the movements of consuming a meal. Given the scale of the project this evolved into a place setting mat instead.

My experiments with bioplastics with now involve coating fabric to reinforce the structure. At present my recipes have been focused on flexible and tackiness. They have produced beautiful visuals with fantastic shadow play, which will unfortunately be lost on the final product of a fabric reinforced placemat. But a quality to consider exploring in the future perhaps.

I will not however be changing my approach to making bioplastics by pursuing a harder, firmer and less tacky substance. I’m having a difficult time thinking about how to present the final product and whether or not to record a performance and the place mat being used. It all sounds a bit dull when I think too much beyond the material explorations so hopefully the form will evolve again.


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