workshop: arduino (warm up your joints)

Okay, I will attempt to recount what I learnt in this amazing mind-blowing workshop! Please have mercy and feel free to correct me in the comments should I write anything incorrectly (I’m trying!)

Alan in action.

This week we did an Arduino workshop with Alan and Vic. Arduinos are micro controllers that record and store code. The Arduino talks through the code to activate things like sensors and circuits. This object truly has its own language.

To communicate with the Arduino we used Mu Editor with a circuit python extension (?eeeeek?) which is a dialect of python (???????). We investigated the different lexicons of python and reviewed terminology like ‘setup’ and ‘abstraction’ and ‘libraries’.

I think I was most fascinated by outputs such as the touch sensors. It was truly thrilling to code something that is then activated by the human body.

Amazing photo by Chrissy!

Next we tested our swatches of weaving and my crochet samples. Matt’s weaving was too tight to create a touch sensor (minimal resistance) and my was too loose (lots of resistance!) but when we layered them atop of each other they created the perfect touch sensor. My double crochet sample was too tightly woven to create a sensor but the market bag stitch was perfect as a stretch sensor. How cool.

My market bag stitch stretch sensor!


One reply on “workshop: arduino (warm up your joints)”

Yes! I am glad our sandwich of weaves worked! It was a ton of fun to mess with the code and see the results instantly, even with something as simple as changing the color of the blinking light. I am excited to see what you might do with the touch sensing capabilities of this!


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