workshop: TC2 and conductivity with Laura Devendorf

This week for our workshop we worked with Laura again (this time in the flesh!) to bring our AdaCAD drafts to life on the TC2 loom. It was quite remarkable how much the drafts varied from the results created by the loom.

My AdaCAD drafting pattern for the 2-pic weave. Now I know what I would change for a next time!

We wove one regular one-ply(?) weave and a conductive tw0-pic weave using the mirror function in AdaCAD. I was really in love with my conductive weave draft but its result was a long open weft weave that is very loose. I did enjoy the physical process of throwing the shuttle through the warps though. It is extremely satisfying when you get a good throw right through to the other side! Made me feel like a pro for one hot second.

Yours truly at the loom.
My 2-pic conductive weave – very open!

After our weaves were complete, we played with some other conductive threads and methods of textiles to create some stretch sensors. I crocheted two swatches; one double crocheted and one using an open market bag stitch that I don’t know the name of. When we tested the conductivity of the fabric, it had less resistance when stretched therefore, voila we made a stretch sensor as Laura had referred to. My reading went from 4.5 to just 0.75 when both swatched were pulled taught!

We concluded the evening with a discussion with Laura about her phenomenal software, offering her feedback about areas we thought could be improved upon.

Lastly this week I also had the opportunity to go and see Annet’s show at UMBC and had my mind absolutely blown. I have so much respect for the weaving process on a tc2 and was gobsmacked at the weavings featured in her show. Just unbelievable. I highly recommend for anyone who’s considering the journey out there.

A close up of some jaquard weaving by Annet.
Weaves at full-scale.
Some cool process work included in the show, which I really enjoyed being able to see into the behind the scenes of the pieces.

One reply on “workshop: TC2 and conductivity with Laura Devendorf”

I was definitely impressed with your shuttle throwing skills! It was fun to look at your very open weave next to my very closed weave structure. Plus, your crochet structures actually worked with the conductive thread! So cool that you were able to just whip that in real quick during class.


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