weaving: part 2

For the second part of class we did a workshop working with Laura Devendorf’s and her software AdaCAD. AdaCAD is an amazing piece of software that helped me better understand the binaries of weaving and its relationship to computers and code (it’s absolute poetry).

Initial explorations of the different functions in AdaCAD.

My favourite feature of AdaCAD is the ability of the program to read a photograph and translate it into a weave draft! For the home work we were instructed to create two weaves 180 warp but 240 weft, with 12 rows of selvedge. Below is a sample of one of my patterns, based off of an optical illusion image.

One of two patterns for the second workshop with Laura.

Can’t wait to see the patterns come to fruition in next week’s class.


One reply on “weaving: part 2”

I quite enjoyed this software too: like you said, it helped to better understand binaries (and was kind of refreshing to just use black and white for awhile).

Oh, and I can’t wait to see that optical illusion manifested on the loom!


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