reading #2

I began with Generative Algorithms by Zubin Khabazi, which intitally seemed consumable for my level of knowledge but after the first section that discusses the basic structural principles of weaving (‘systematic interlocking of two or more elements to form a structure’), I began to feel out of my depth. I have a feeling this will be a reading that I revisit at some point in the future of this course with a greater understanding!

The second reading, On Weaving by Annie Albers was very enjoyable and descriptively captured the fundamentals of both what constitutes as weaving, and as not weaving. Below are some comparative notes I made between the three weaves:

What I found most interesting was being able to better understand the structural intent of picking a weave and which purpose each of the three is best suited for. Fascinating to inspect my own clothing and identify some of the weaves!


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